Brighton Artist Tiawa Releases Positive And Upbeat Single ‘Shine Bright’ | Music News


Up-and-coming singer-songwriter and MC Tiawa has released her new single “Shine Bright”. This new track produced by collaborator and multi-instrumentalist Jack-Chi diffuses a dose of positive vibe in a mix of Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz.


“Shine Bright” is the result of soulful vocals fused with the jagged edge of a rap-styled flow taking its roots in a Brazilian-styled Rhodes-loop. The lyrics aim to deliver a universal message that started in the song title and to help put a smile on people’s face, even in difficult times.


The artist said about her track, “The song is about staying positive and upbeat. I hope it will make people feel happy when they hear it, that’s the main thing. It’s strength to be vulnerable sometimes, we are only human.”.


Brighton native Tia-Awa Blackhorse aka Tiawa (pronounced: tea-ah-wa) made her debut on dubwise-label Roots Garden and has proven herself with her timeless yet graceful sound, and a lyrical maturity that confutes her youth.


The theme of healing runs through Tiawa’s work. “Shine Bright” is her second creative output and follows her last release “Life Is Not A Crime”, an exclusive release on the Shapes: Sideways compilation from Tru Thoughts‘ series, described by The Arts Desk as “pure trip-hop”.


Listen to “Shine Bright” below:




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