Bristol Indie Folk Singer Tomo Returns With ‘Dance’

Tomo is a Bristol-based indie/folk singer-songwriter. He recently published his debut EP Wayward Son, which draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, including Radical Face, Shane Macgowan, Leonard Cohen, and Charles Bukowski.

His music has been played on BBC Somerset and BBC Radio Bristol, among other stations, and his debut song “Enough To Drink” was endorsed by Tom Rosenthal and Atwood Magazine, among others. Tomo places a premium on lyrical content, combining powerful, literary language with expressive melody to create an act that has been regarded as both fascinating and evocative.

Tomo has been praised by Atwood Magazine for his “raw and poetic” approach to songwriting as well as his production of “beautiful” and “heartfelt” compositions. Tomo has had an increasingly interesting past 12 months, with a recent participation at the online HowTheLightGetsIn Festival and a lot of releases planned in the coming months.

His newest single “Dance” is a song about excess and resulting feelings of alienation and loneliness and the need to be isolated and left out of sight. As much as we would like to deny it, most of us experience these feelings at one point in our lives which is why we need to learn how to cope with them.

Listen to “Dance” here:


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