French Singer-Songwriter Alba James Unveils New Track ‘Wake Up In Your Eyes’

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French-born singer-songwriter Alba James has released a new single, “Wake Up In Your Eyes”.

The queer folk ballad is inspired by the artist’s special relationship and the extraordinary feeling of seeing the world through a lover’s eyes. With a warm and unique sound that uses guitar, ukulele, and accordion as the main instruments, the song is reminiscent of the work of artists such as Wolf Larsen and Fleet Foxes.

Alba James, who currently lives in Sweden, started playing and writing music at an early age. Since the release of her first single, “One In A Million,” in 2020, she has self-released eight singles and an EP called “Bedroom Walls.”

Alba’s music is inspired by pop/folk artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Pomme. Her songs often feature recurring themes of queer love, mental health, and nature, which she discovered after immigrating to Sweden.

The single “Wake Up In Your Eyes” was written, recorded, and mixed by Alba herself in Nordic Sound Lab studio in Skara, Sweden. The accompanying music video is available on YouTube.

Alba revealed that the verse of the song was actually found during a jam session with her partner. “While playing the chorus on my guitar and being stuck in the writing process, my partner started to sing along another melody, tapping the rhythm on every household item they found. After an intense and really funny jam session, I found the rest of the song, thanks to him,” she said.

In addition to her music career, Alba has a passion for the Moomins characters, plants, and chocolate. She recently shared that the photoshoot for the album cover was particularly cold, taking place on a Swedish lake in winter without a coat. However, the pictures turned out great.

Critics have praised Alba James for her musical talent, describing her work as magical and stunning. A&R Factory commented, “With a crisply kind and dreamy fairy-like ambiance nostalgically echoing from all corners, there is so much to love here from the wonderful Alba James.

High Clouds wrote, “[T]here is abundant magic to be found in James’ stunning musicianship,” while called “Wake Up In Your Eyes” a “soft lyrical masterpiece” with “quality production” that’s “recommended for sensitive ears too.

Fans of indie folk and acoustic music will definitely want to give Alba James’ latest single a listen. Watch the video for “Wake Up In Your Eyes” below!


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