British Musician And Producer Laura Loh Unveils New Alt Pop Single ‘City Lights’

Multi-talented musician Laura Loh, known for her versatile skills as a multi-instrumentalist, has recently unveiled her latest single “City Lights.” This release comes on the heels of her previous track, “Cold Morning,” released just seven months ago.

Laura, who hails from Hampshire, UK, has been deeply involved in music since her childhood, having grown up in a musical family. Her journey in music began with playing the violin and piano, and she was also trained in singing. By the age of 13, Laura had expanded her talents into songwriting.

Laura’s diverse musical background encompasses genres like jazz, alt-pop, and alt-folk. This variety is reflected in her unique sound, which has led to two of her songs from her EP being featured on BBC Introducing’s Tracks of the Day list. Her experience includes performing at various venues such as ValeFest, Westivals, and Weyfest, and she has also had the opportunity to record vocals at the iconic Abbey Road Studios.

“City Lights” introduces listeners to a soulful pop experience, inviting them into the ambiance of an urban landscape. The song explores themes of love, as Laura describes the mesmerizing impact of laying eyes on a city skyline.

The track skillfully combines piano and sparkly synths with atmospheric harmonies to showcase Laura’s impressive tone and vocal range. The addition of Harry Baker’s alt-pop electric guitar brings a dynamic tension to the chorus, enhancing the song’s climactic moments.

The inspiration for “City Lights” stems from Laura’s visit to New York City and her longing to return. The initial elements of the song, including the piano, songwriting, and vocals, were pivotal in crafting this captivating track.

With the release of “City Lights,” Laura Loh marks her third single to be featured on BBC Introducing, further solidifying her position as a rising artist in the music industry.

Listeners are invited to explore the enchanting soundscape of “City Lights” below.


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