British Nigerian Artist Odeal Unveils New Single ‘Fine By Myself’ Ahead Of Upcoming EP

Odeal, a gifted singer, songwriter, and producer, is making waves in the music scene with the release of his new single “Fine By Myself,” a prelude to his highly anticipated project Thoughts I’ve Never Said, set to launch on November 24. This new single holds a special place in Odeal’s heart, marking the start of his annual Ovmbr celebrations, a period of significant personal importance.

“Fine By Myself” emerges from Odeal’s introspective journey, delving into the complexities of his past relationship. The song reflects a poignant blend of self-assurance and hidden longing, capturing the artist’s emotional state as he grapples with the realization that his previous relationship might not have been the healthiest choice. Despite the strong declaration of independence in the lyrics, there’s an underlying sense of desire for what once was.

The upcoming EP, Thoughts I Never Said, encompasses nine tracks, showcasing Odeal’s evolving artistry. Leading up to the EP, Odeal has already set a high bar with singles like “All That It Takes” (featuring his COLORS performance) and “You, The World vs Me.” These releases have built momentum for “Fine By Myself,” setting the stage for an EP that promises depth and relatability.

Odeal’s music journey is as diverse as his cultural background. Born in Germany and raised between Nigeria, Spain, and the UK, his exposure to various cultures has significantly influenced his music style. His unique blend of Alte, R&B, and Afro genres has quickly established him as an artist to watch. His collaborations with notable artists such as Nines, Enny, K-Trap, and Gabzy further demonstrate his versatility and impact in the music industry.

Odeal’s career is marked by significant achievements, including recognition from platforms like BBC Radio 1, BBC 1xtra, Represent, NME, Complex, Notion, and Guap. His performance on COLORS stands out as one of the year’s most engaging, and his track “Coffee (Don’t Read Signs)” has amassed over 10 million plays.

Fans and critics alike are eagerly awaiting Thoughts I’ve Never Said, anticipating a collection of tracks that not only showcase Odeal’s musical prowess but also offer a glimpse into the heart and mind of this rising star.

Listen to “Fine By Myself” below!


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