British Punjabi Rap Artist Beant Shares New Track ‘Gallows’

British-Punjabi rapper, Beant, known for blending cultural influences into his artistry, has unveiled his latest single “Gallows”. Produced by the adept Saint Loup, the track offers a poignant homage to Punjab and its history of resilient revolutionaries.

While “Gallows” narrates a tale of resistance and tenacity, it also paints a sorrowful picture of the aftermath of trauma and the consequential sense of loss. Beant’s lyrics, delivered with a masterful subtlety, evoke a profound sense of emotional connection, enabling listeners to journey through the protagonist’s struggles and heartache.

Complementing the track is an artfully crafted lyric video by OX-BOY. It offers viewers glimpses into Beant’s varied artistic and cultural muses, showcasing snippets of figures like Malcolm X, Kuldeep Manak, Sidhu Moosewala, and even the legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday. This blend of varied inspirations underlines Beant’s commitment to representing a diverse range of voices in his music.

The rapper, originally from Leamington, made waves with his debut EP, created in collaboration with a.s kullar. The EP not only captivated audiences but also earned Beant the title of BBC Introducing Artist of the Week.

While “Gallows” may contrast in BPM from his prior work, it clearly retains Beant’s signature sharp lyricism and captivating flow that fans appreciated in The Rules of Engagement EP.

Fans can anticipate even more from Beant, as “Gallows” is just a glimpse of a more extensive collection set to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

Raised in Leamington Spa, Beant began his musical journey at a young age, penning lyrics by 12 and gaining significant experience by MCing at events. Now an East London local, his tracks reflect the eclectic influences of his life.

With UK artists like Skepta, J-Hus, and Nines shaping his teenage years and international names like Kendrick Lamar and J Cole guiding his artistry, Beant’s music is a celebration of diverse sounds.

His commitment to authentically representing his Punjabi diasporic culture is especially evident in tracks like “Brown Geezas”. As he continues to rise in the music scene, Beant’s fusion of cultures and genres is sure to capture even wider audiences

Listen to “Gallows” below!


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