German Musician Salomea Returns With ‘Conversations’ EP And Avant-Garde Film

After sharing the project’s lead single “Umami & Lime” last month, German musician Rebekka Ziegler also known simply as Salomea has finally unveiled her full EP titled Conversation, with performance artist Sophie-Yukiko, directress Svenja Trierscheid and fashion & jewelry designer Luise Zücker. The EP also comes with an avant-garde film encompassing music, dance and design.

According to Salomea, the Conversations project was inspired by the global lack of and need for meaningful dialogue and true empathy. The project aimed to question and reassess creativity, gender, representation, and community through a series of dialogues and the multidisciplinary creations that were born from the conversations.

Unpacking the backstory behind the EP and film project, the story goes that Salomea invited three female creatives – Sophie, Svenja and Luise – to share their own experiences and journeys and to help Salomea answer life’s existential questions and musings about the future.

Over three long sessions-turned-to-podcasts, performance artist, dancer and writer Sophie-Yukiko, directress Svenja Trierscheid and fashion & jewelry designer Luise Zücker open up to Salmoae about everything from the personal to the political, questioning the very idea of community and creativity in today’s world.

The discussions carry on, online and eventually off, evolving from words over to music, fashion, video and dance. The recorded dialogues between the women become the raw material for lyrics by Salomea on three new tracks that make up the Conversations EP.

The avant-garde film that accompanies the EP was created and directed by Svenja Trierscheid. You can watch the Conversations film here and listen to the EP below:


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