Brother/Sister Duo Muo Duo Release New Song ‘Help Is On The Way’

Muo Duo is a duo composed of Miles From Space – from his real name Miles Donnely he is the singer and lead songwriter – and his sister Winter Donnely – a broadway singer and actress – and they have just released a brand new single on July 15, it is entitled “Help Is On The Way”.

The song is approaching ideas of our collective struggles and Miles From Space is asking “What is the difference between hate and indifference?” to call people to action adding “We got a mission… To get to fixin.

The duo teamed up with two rappers in order to join forces to conquer the hate and difference that divide us. The up-and-coming Chicago’s rapper Englewood B.U. is a must-see on this track, he is joined by rapper and professional Muay Thai fighter from Washington DC Casshan who is keeping the faith as he tirelessly keeps up the grind.

The track opens up with electric percussion and powerful trumpets which also unveils some underlying Latin feels. An addictive hook is following between the rap verses and ties the song’s energy together as well as bringing pop music into a new dimension. This song is here to bring some emotional gravity and to heal people.

The cover art of “Help Is On The Way” was designed by the prominent and established graffiti artist Kool Koor which has a space-age-inspired work that goes perfectly with this song. His art goes from painting subway trains to the New York landscape out of the South Bronx.

Listen to “Help Is On The Way” by Muo Duo, Englewood B.U. and Casshan here:


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