Chicago Native Lando Chill Releases New Single ‘Big Light’

Chicago Native Lando Chill has returned with a brand new single titled “Big Light”. The song was produced by Calvin Valentine.

“Big Light”‘s mellow and rhythmic instrumental is leading the floating feel. The song can’t be restricted to a single genre – as the artist himself. Lando Chill is a hip-hop musician but takes elements from funk, folk, reggae and spoken word. As in “Big Light”, Lando Chill is used to put self-reflection, introspective lyrics as well as a quest to find one’s purpose in his music and lyrics.

He stated about the track: “It is the conversation we have with ourselves, between our waking self and unconscious mind. Reminding self that we are made of stardust and big light, and regardless of what they say or where you are; you are your own god. We are made of so much power, some times you gotta sit back and count the blessings.

Born under the name Lance Washington he lived on the Southside of Chicago with his mother and younger sister. As he was growing up in a musical family he was always encouraged by her mother. However, he resisted following her footstep until he moved to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona. There he wrote poetry to help to deal with his chronic depression from never actually coping with death at an early age.

He began his musical career under the Star-Wars-inspired name Lando Chillrissan and released two EP which are entitled Tabernacle and Broken on the Wheel. After that, he shortened his name to Lando Chill.

The materials for his debut album were written in 2015 when he was also touring the US, this debut album named For Mark, Your Son arrived in 2016 and was closely followed, in 2017, by his second album The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind. From this beginning, it is going on and on as Lando Chill isn’t ready to stop.

Go listen to Lando Chill new single “Big Light” here, while he is gearing up for the release of his next project:


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