Bruce Beresford To Direct ‘The Place I Belong’ About Golfer Moe Norman

Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy) has signed on to direct The Place I Belong, a biopic about professional golfer Moe Norman. The film will follow the rise of Norman from caddie and bowling alley pinsetter to playing the Masters and on the pro tour.

His eccentric behavior led Norman to be bullied out of the sport he loved, but he became an unknown legend, playing and winning smaller tournaments, setting course records, living hand to mouth, and sometimes sleeping in his car or in sand traps at the courses he played.

David Carver is producing. He has also co-written the screenplay alongside Mark Bergen, Josh Schorr and Todd Korgan, with theirs based on previous versions by Joshua Michael Stern, David Lee Miller, and Eric Adams.

Beresford said in a statement: “The central character is delightfully eccentric and the story of his amazing life and career those around it, is told with humor, compassion, sophistication and insight. I enthusiastically accepted the offer to direct such a fascinating group of characters and story, told on and off the golf course.”

Carver added: “Bruce’s skill with the period piece genre, particularly in transformational roles, and the simple fact that he makes very classy movies, has us overwhelmed with appreciation that he will be directing our 25-year passion project.”

Beresford has made over 30 films during his 50+ year career. His best known is Driving Miss Daisy, which won the Best Picture Oscar in 1990.

His career also includes Breaker Morant, Double Jeopardy, and Silent Fall. This will be is first film since 2018’s Australian comedy-drama Ladies in Black.


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