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Texas based newcomer, Bryson Briight, just released a neo-soul track titled “Foolish” and it shows that you don’t need much to make good music. The musician drove all the way from Austin to Nashville to record this track with a friend. As a result, the cosiness of how this song was made is being depicted to its warm vibes


Produced by Dan Diaz in a Pro Tools session where they completely nerded out – as described by himself – this song delivers a dream pop sound right from the start. As soon as Bryson’s voice enters accompanied by the funky bass, you will start to sense the enticing mood


The perfect place to listen to this would be a low red-lighted bar with finely dressed people dancing slowly to the groovy tempo alongside with the distinctive electric guitar additions. In the second half of the track, everyone is invited to feel free and make their move towards the one they are drawn to. Bodies will not stand still and hearts will be set on fire with this one.


In the past few years, Bryson Briight has played in many bands like Run For Cover! and Wildfires but he recently begun to work solo. He has released many quality tracks with the one titled “Fool4You” reaching over 25,000 streams on Spotify. Apart from music producing and lyric writing, he also has a flair for photography – as you can notice from his Instagram page – displaying his artsy character as a whole.


We are referring to a true artist, who is passionate about all aspects of making music. We suggest you follow him on social media and watch the process of his projects from a more intimate viewpoint


Listen to “Foolish” here:




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