Josh Brolin, Don Cheadle & Sebastian Stan In Talks For Steven Soderbergh’s Next Project | Film News



Josh Brolin, Don Cheadle and Sebastian Stan are not in talks to star in another Marvel movie together, but instead in Steven Soderbergh‘s next project. It’s titled Kill Switch, and is a 1950s crime drama set in Detroit.


Ed Solomon (Men In Black) has written the script, which would cast the three actors as criminals who carry out a home invasion, only to later wonder if they’ve been double-crossed. The project will soon be shopped to studios, and interest is reportedly high considering the cast, the strength of the screenplay, and Soderbergh’s involvement.


If you’re assuming this is Soderbergh’s next project though, you would be mistaken. The man seemingly doesn’t sleep. He’s already released two Netflix movies this year – High Flying Bird and The Laundromat – and already has another titled Let Them All Talk in the can. That one stars Meryl Streep and Lucas Hedges. He’s also producing the new Amazon release The Report.


Brolin just wrapped Denis Villeneuve‘s Dune along with seemingly every actor in Hollywood. He will reprise his role as Thanos for an upcoming episode of the Disney+ series What If…? Cheadle’s big screen appearances have been limited to the MCU in recent years, so this is a welcome role. He’s also on board for Space Jam 2.


Stan has a busier schedule than his co-stars. He’ll continue to play Bucky Barnes in the upcoming Disney+ release The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, while he also has plenty of big screen releases on the horizon. They include the war drama The Last Full Measure, Simon Kinberg‘s action-thriller 355, Antonio Campos‘ thriller The Devil All The Time, and the indie romance Monday.


Expect these deals to be worked out soon. Kill Switch is expected to shoot next summer. By then Soderbergh will likely have made a whole TV show and written a novel or something.



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