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British luxury brand Burberry has just unveiled its 2021 Fall Ready-To-Wear collection. The collection has 46 items and of course, all of them have the original Burberry touch added to give more dimension, more color, and more luxury feeling.


The color palette here is quite neutral, with some touches of colors, but a lot of black and nude tones. We can see that coats are the main items of the collection, with many different styles and materials. The brand rethought a lot of their own style and the collection is all about taking the time to look for inspiration and create new things.


Riccardo Tisci wanted to celebrate women and give women powers when wearing his clothes, and it is a much different style that he has gone for. Usually, Burberry has a more masculine vibe but the brand used the collection to have its turning point and especially for Tisci, having this collection as his first stand-alone women’s show.


There weren’t any streetwear, puffer jackets or sneakers, but instead, there was lots of gold, shine and big faux fur in different colors, as well as coats with exaggerated nearly bat-like flaps, wispy strips of fabric inspired by flags, some huge cape floated from waists, hems, collars, and sleeves.


Designer Tisci described the collection as “childlike, very playful and very free“. With many different styles mixed, the collection is for everyone and any style. It has much more feminine energy and is soft-edged, with a flurry of gold pallets and fluttering fabrics that is very different from the previous collections.


Please find below some pictures of the stunning collection:



Watch the full video showcasing the collection here:




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