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Young San Francisco singer and songwriter Samaria has put us under her spell with her latest single “Out The Way”. The song is inspired by old conversations with her ex-boyfriend and is set to an R&B musical backdrop.


“I found an old text thread between my ex and I on my laptop. I thought it had been deleted, but as I scrolled through our conversations I could pin point everywhere I went wrong. All of these things that I didn’t want to admit before were suddenly in my face and I couldn’t run from it anymore. It was too late for me to communicate that with him so I wrote it all down for myself”, she said.


She takes stock of her mistakes and admits them publicly in this song. A very nice lesson in humility.


Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Samaria writes inspirational songs that aim to invite listeners to break down their walls and open up a little more emotionally. She plays a lot with deep emotions such as grief and love. All of this very often on R&B beats with lo-fi influences.


The 24-year-old singer grew up with R&B influences such as Destiny Child, Justin Timberlake and Aaliyah, the musical foundation of the 2000s. Her start in music was caused by the death of her grandmother at the age of 14. She took her grandmother’s encouragement to heart and released her first tracks on SoundCloud.


In the last two years, Samaria has released a number of successful singles such as “Foolish” and “Shy Girl”. This success is undoubtedly due to her writing, which is punctuated by numerous puns like Bryson Tiller or Brent Faiyaz.


You can listen to “Out The Way” just below:




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