C. Tangana – Bien Duro | Music Video


Famous Spanish rapper and member of Agorazein, C. Tangana has released a new music video for his new single “Bien Duro”.


“Bien Duro” is an urban trap song with a brewing latin aura thanks to the maracas in the background. It was written by Capi, DVLP and Tangana himself. The song is about pride, money, sex and infidelity.


At the beginning of the music video, C. Tangana gets into an argument with his girl and ends up breaking things in the process due to his rage. He exits to the house and meets El Coleta, another rapper and drives off in an old car. The music video recreates the classic 80’s Spanish films.


In the music video, he’s seen drinking, dancing and running away. He enters in a bar, meets a waitress and they make love in the kitchen. In the end, he catches his girlfriend and the waitress together in a disco bathroom kissing.


Watch the music video below:




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