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Pale Waves – Noises | New Music

Conversations About Her

Pale Waves – Noises | New Music


Formed of lead singer and guitarist Heather Baron-Gracie, drummer Ciara Doran, guitarist Hugo Silvani and bassist Charlie Wood, English indie pop band Pale Waves have released their new single “Noises”.


“Noises” is a dream-pop rock song that tackles the idea of low self-esteem and analysing yourself too much. “Noises” will be included in their upcoming album My Mind Makes Noises that will be released in mid-2018.


Heather spoke about the song saying: “It’s about dealing with how you look, you feel, the pressure of everyone else these days telling you how to look, what to say, don’t make a wrong move. It’s about a lot of things and a lot of my issues that have been thrown into one. It’s a very, very dramatic song ”.


Also, Ciara said: “It’s my favourite lyric. That’s the most personal song she’s ever written. I love that song. That’s all about Heather’s world”.


Signed to Dirty Hit, the same record label as The 1975, Wolf Alice and The Japanese House, Pale Waves released their debut single “There’s A Honey” back in 2017, followed by “Television Romance”, with the music video directed by Matty Healy, the lead vocalist of The 1975.


Listen to “Noises” below:




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