California Rap Artist DYYNVMIC Unveils New Single ‘Get Right’ | Music News


Introducing up and coming La Puente hip-hop artist DYYNVMIC (Pronounced Dynamic) with his brand new single titled “Get Right“, which is taken from his forthcoming EP Road Works due for release in the autumn.


Honing his songwriting skills from elementary school where he wrote stories for his classmates and high school where he began to convert those storytelling skills into songwriting, he began recording original music after graduating from high school, and went on to form Mystic Nerds with his close friend YMLegend in 2012.


Fast-forward to 2019 and DYYNVMIC re-emerged as a solo artist after four years with Mystic Nerds and a couple of years in hiatus, with a fan-favourite single titled “23” and his debut mixtape Mixed Feelings. The California native is already working on his sophomore project, for which “Get Right” serves as a precursor.


Choosing to focus on his roots of the fun entertaining storytelling he enjoyed as a child, DYYNVMIC writes all of his songs with the intent to excite and impress listeners. He incorporates new sounds with a mix of that old school attitude.


Not only is he entertaining, but his lyrics reflect the real pain and struggle of a hungry artist. His passion seeps through every word and with them he is able to connect with his audience in a way only DYYNVMIC can.


Listen to “Get Right” below:




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