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Drawing influences from a diverse pool of artists including Post Malone, Hozier, Justin Bieber and Russ, Danny Bowens is an R&B/Hip-Hop artist that grew up on guitar rock music. His music can be described as melodic rap with entrancing soulful vocals, but as well as the music, Bowens is also a college graduate who works in hospitals and is on his way to being a doctor.


The Los Angeles based musician describes himself as a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie and a road-worn man of the world who has explored the world. He has honed his music craft by busking on the road, freestyling at parties and contributing R&B hooks in many studio sessions.


The singing, rapping and playing artist draws from several genres, fusing them all to become one, and in his own words, he is “not waiting around to die, he lives his song and he’s here to open ears, shake hips, and make love. His words to the great instruments of the world. His music, his life, made by his hands. The last man out of the wilderness, a free spirit“.


Speaking about “Keep Breathing”, Danny Bowens says, “I wrote this song while I was faced with making a decision that would change my future drastically. It dives into my psyche of feeling anxiety about the unknown and how to work through it, which we can all relate to being quarantined at home in isolation due to this pandemic.


No matter what level of uncertainty or challenges you face, this song is a reminder to decompress, to keep breathing and to stay strong. I hope it can help others feel less anxious during these difficult times“.


Listen to “Keep Breathing” below:




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