Canadian Artist Roquemore Releases Debut Album And ‘Long Way Out’ Video | Music News


Montreal-based musician, producer and songwriter Roquemore has finally unveiled his self-titled debut album. It is a grandiose dramatic beat-driven orchestral indie-rock album that was released on all platforms on June 4.


Alongside the revealing of his album, Roquemore has released a music video for the upbeat melancholic indie rock song “Long Way Out”. With its unique blend of synth and guitar, the song is original, yet comforting and might be the perfect one for a melancholic summer ride.


The music video shows a little girl growing up alone and locked up in a home before she can go out and find her mom. She seems to have abandoned her for another family but a wave of good memories is taking the young girl into the past.


Roquemore has been working the last few years from his basement on the seven-track album, but before that, he has been praised for its previous album Tearing Us Apart, which was released under the moniker The Vasts.


Roquemore is delivering us a carefully crafted and heartfelt collection of songs that express universal feelings as doubt, entrapment, chaos and hope. The music of the album appears as a movement between basic contradictory human feelings.


The album was conceived as a Rock’n’Roll album but it features some unconventional arrangements that might defy traditional genres. We can also recognize influences from different iconic bands such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Tame Impala.


We usually describe Rock’n’Roll with bold affirmation but here, Roquemore was able to insert some confusing doubt and humility in this genre.


In order to bring Roquemore to life, the artist was supported by Evan Tighe (Patrick Watson) on drums, Mommie’s on the Run on strings as well as Jean Massicotte at Masterkut studio on sound recording and mixing.


Watch Roquemore’s video for his song “Long Way Out”, extract from its self-titled album, here:




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