No Money Kids Are Back With Their Brand New Song ‘No Matter’ | Music News


French duo Felix Matschulat and JM Pelata, better known by their band name No Money Kids, are back with their new single “No Matter”.


The track opens with a few guitar chords accompanied by a background noise comparable to those heard in factories. Indeed, this track borrows the voice of a worker worn out by the complicated work and light deprivation that accompanies his long days in the factory.


The rather soft verses contrast with the much more explosive and electronic choruses. There is also a rock n roll undertone to this music. The mix of genres is very well done and gives the impression of living the life of this worker.


After three albums, the two Frenchmen will soon release their fourth, entitled Factory. A title that echoes the single “No Matter”. From lo-fi rock to electronic blues, No Money Kids take us to the smoke-spewing factories through their album, which for them illustrates the revolutionary post-industrial western.


Their very particular universe and their clear-obscure vision allowed them to be spotted by the fashion world through Schwarzkopf, Stylist, Glamor, Modzik fashion shows as well as the TV world.


Indeed, many of their songs have been used in shows such as Banshee, Night Shift, Veep as well as the films Misconduct (with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins), Get the Girl and Baby, Baby, Baby (with Bradley Cooper).


Until their album is released in late 2021, you can listen to “No Matter” just below.




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