Canadian Singer-Songwriter Avery Raquel Releases New Single ‘All Up To You’

Following the success of three solo albums spanning a decade-long career, 20-year old Canadian singer-songwriter and Billboard charting musician Avery Raquel is gearing up to release her fourth album in 2022. She begins that rollout this year with her brand new single titled “All Up To You”.

The project overall is being described as ‘alternative soul’, which is reminiscent of her love for R&B/soul music of the past, but with a more current, contemporary style. The album is set to be driven by personal yet relatable songs, a soulful fun mix of R&B/soul and pop music, with a flavour of Raquel’s jazz and blues experiences.

The track itself “All Up To You” is inspired by an old relationship that went up in flames. It’s about second chances and compromise if a relationship is worth saving, set to a funk laden piece of infectious pop soul.

Speaking about “All Up To You”, Avery Raquel says it “is a sassy, 70’s-inspired song about an old relationship going up into flames. Have you ever put so much effort into a relationship but never received the same amount of effort back? I hope you can relate to the feelings of confusion and hurt accompanied by a contrasting upbeat funk vibe. Will there be a second chance or can we reach a compromise? I leave it all up to you“.

Listen to “All Up To You” below:


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