‘Captain America: Civil War’ Directors Interested In Producing A ‘Black Widow’ Movie | Interviews



The Russo Brothers Jo and Anthony are certainly becoming a formidable pair in the Marvel universe, with the pair having already directed 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2016’s upcoming sequel Captain America: Civil war and being poised to direct two Avengers: Infinity War movies. Now, it seems the duo have potentially set their sights on another project after confirming they would be interested in producing a Black Widow film.


Speaking at a press conference in China, when asked if the idea of a Black Widow film interests them, Jo Russo enthusiastically responded “Hell yeah! We love that character.” Anthony Russo also developed on his brother’s eagerness, adding “And we love Scarlett,” referring to Black Widow actress Scarlett Johannson.


Jo Russo continued, providing a more in depth reasoning behind their opinions, explaining that the complexity of the character means she holds many possibilities: “We find that Black Widow is one of (if not the) richest character in the Marvel universe. A very complex character, haunted by demons and her understanding of the world is fascinating. I think there is a lot that can be done with that character.” Would you be interested in a Black Widow movie? Watch the full interview below and see their most recent film Captain America: Civil War in cinemas on 29 April.




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