‘Gotham’ Season 2, Episode 1 – Colourful Villains And Broody Heroes | TV Review

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‘Gotham’ Season 2, Episode 1 – Colourful Villains And Broody Heroes | TV Review



Season 2 of Gotham has finally arrived in the UK on Channel 5. Before Daredevil came along on Netflix this was the best comic book based TV series. The first season did suffer from “villain of the week” syndrome and a bloated number of episodes, but it had moments of great enjoyment. Many of these moments are there to be enjoyed in the Season 2 premiere Dammed If You Do.


The episode continues to hint at the beginnings of a darker Frank Miller-inspired Batman origins. Jim Gordon is told by a young Bruce that sometimes “the only right way is also the ugly way”. The city-scapes present a dark Gotham with a comic book sensibility, highlighted in the comic beats at Arkham Asylum.


This episode manages both these elements successfully, something that was often in conflict throughout the first season. The colourful multitude of villains compared to a likely dark and brooding Batman. Ben McKenzie is solid as always, adding to the dark and broody nature of the heroes, which allows the villains to shine. And the villains do shine in this episode.


We have another glimpse of Cory Michael Smith discovering his alter-ego as Edward Nygma and plenty more of the ever-watchable Robin Lord Taylor as the newly crowned Penguin pulling the strings of Gotham’s underbelly. Season one struggled in episodes that did not feature any of the great Penguin character. There is more of Anthony Carrigan as Victor Zsasz and refreshingly another appearance from Cameron Monaghan as Jerome, the possible future joker.


The villains could be considered cheesy, but they fit the comic-book elements and are grounded by the broody heroes. There is plenty to enjoy and there is hope this season will generate a more cohesive whole. Catch episode two on Channel 5 Monday, January 18, at 10pm.



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