‘Castlevania’ Series Coming From ‘Dredd’ Executive Producer | TV News



Today, Adi Shankar announced via social media that he will be responsible for the first adaptation of the Dracula based horror game, Castlevania. The project will see the long-running Konami platformer become an ultra-violent anime style show. Independent animation studio Frederator (Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents) are attached, alongside Fred Seibert (Dexter’s Laboratory, Bravest Warriors).


The games follow the Belmonts, a clan of vampire hunters in their eternal struggle against Dracula. Resurrected every hundred years, the descendants of the Belmont family must fight the beast’s demonic hoard and restore peace to the bloody kingdom. With lavishly gothic visuals and a convoluted mythology inclusive of Bram Stoker‘s original novel, the series has long seemed ripe for adaptation, and rumours have circulated for a while now.


Adi Shankar has previously produced cult favorites Dredd (2012), The Grey (2011), and The Voices (2014). He also worked on this year’s dark Power/Rangers short. Let’s hope he can bring some gory action to the Konami classic.



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