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If there’s one thing the Queen of fashion can do, it’s cause a stir. And that’s precisely what Dame Vivienne Westwood did during this years London Fashion Week. Teamed with a fierce army of models and picket signs Vivienne transformed the catwalk into a protest ground as she took a stand for climate change, in an attempt to open the eyes and the minds of those who bared witness. “I’m here like a mad person because even the activists don’t tell everybody that’s it’s likely by the end of the century, bit later but earlier, not sure but definitely, there will only be one billion people left. So the biggest crime by the politicians is that they pretend everything is normal and that everything that happens is a temporary crisis”.


Before you roll your eyes and avert your mind to the next headlining scandal, know that this is not just another celebrity-riddled PR stunt for self-gain. No, this is a long overdue protest for societies gain, our gain, your gain. As an active campaigner and activist, Vivienne uses her platform of authority to voice the concerns of not just her own, but of thousands of others. This was proven earlier this month as Vivienne rode an armed tank onto the lawn of the Prime Ministers home, protesting against austerity, climate change and fracking.




Vivienne has earned more than headlines and gossip amongst the industry, as she reiterates her perspective through her work. “I just do my job because it kind of gives me a voice it helps me. I’m also trying to make my company really, really efficient and user friendly and staff friendly and I think that’s the best thing for the environment. I want to be a model company for the future glory of the world”. Here’s hoping that Vivienne’s concern will soon become the mutual concern of our own, and her speech will open the eyes of those who are blind to the growing problems faced by our society, our country and our entire human race.



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