CFDA Launches ‘IMPACT’ Initiative Inspired By Black Lives Matter | Fashion News


One of the leading groups in the fashion industry Council of Fashion Designers of America also known as CFDA have announced a new project inspired by Black Lives Matter.


The project is new initiative called IMPACT, which launches this Friday and aims to make it easier for their 450-plus members to find Black and Brown fashion professionals for jobs, freelance opportunities and internships. The council wants the initiative to be a new way to support Black and Brown creatives and professionals, and will be facilitated by Creatively.


Another goal here will be to provide mentoring, industry programming and community building for Black and Brown creatives and professionals, with the future plans for the initiative to also address other inequalities within the fashion industry, and hopefully strengthen the different fashion communities together and thus have bigger impact on the global economy.


Speaking about the initiative, CFDA president CaSandra Diggs said, “This work is essential to the future of American fashion, which must be diverse, equitable, and inclusive. The CFDA is proud to take the lead in this important effort for the industry and beyond“.


It is a great new step towards a more inclusive society and fashion industry. We can only hope other brands and initiatives will come out and will be inspired by CFDA’s work. The change of underrepresented communities will modify as well as the current society.


Diversity is the key to this business and the CFDA gets that. Having that specific focus on Black and Brown creatives will open much more to the fashion industry as well as all fashion professions.



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