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X Files


It has been announced that the UK’s Channel 5 has secured the broadcasting rights to the eagerly-anticipated revival of The X Files. The X Files originally ran for 9 seasons from 1993 until 2002 on American broadcaster Fox. Although the revival of the highly popular Science-Fiction series was announced by Fox on March 24 earlier this year, it has long been questioned who would broadcast it in the UK.


Speaking at a press release, Channel 5 controller Ben Frow stated that the acquisition of the rights was a “major coup” for the channel, demonstrating their “ambition to deliver a diverse slate of brilliant, must-see programming“. Now those who avoid Channel 5 like the plague because of Big Brother may have a reason to turn over to them.


In addition to securing the rights to the six-episode event series, Channel 5 have also bagged the rights to The X Files: Essential Collection; a compilation of 20 episodes hand-picked by the show’s creator, Chris Carter. These episodes are designed to lay out the basis of the show in preparation for the new event series. The X Files will return on Fox January 25, 2016 but it is unknown when the show will be broadcast by Channel 5 at this time.


Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will reprise their roles at Mulder and Scully, the FBI special agents who investigate X-Files: unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. To get a look at the new series of The X Files, check out the trailer below.




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