Channing Tatum Bringing Cult Comic ‘The Maxx’ To The Big Screen | Film News


Channing Tatum almost played X-Men character Gambit when that franchise still had legs, but the project eventually fell through. It seems the actor still has a fondness for comic books though, and intends to develop some sort of adaptation.


This one is a little more off the beaten track. Tatum and producing partner Roy Lee (Doctor Sleep) are reportedly developing a movie version of cult comic book, The Maxx.


The Maxx was created in 1993 by Sam Kieth (who worked on Neil Gaiman‘s legendary comic, The Sandman) and tells two narratives simultaneously. In the real world, its title character is a homeless man with a social worker named Julie Winters. But in ‘The Outback’, The Maxx is a powerful, protective figure, and Julie is his Jungle Queen.


The comic was originally adapted for TV in the 90s as an MTV animated series of the same name. There, it quickly earned a cult following for its bizarre, shifting animation style. While details about Tatum’s version are lacking right now, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the movie is aiming for a similar style.


The film is expected to be “less MCU, more Joker, which isn’t surprising considering its depiction of mental illness. Tatum is only currently on board as a producer, but it’s possible he takes over the lead role eventually. It’s far from a guarantee though.


Tatum and Lee are currently searching for writers to adapt the project. It isn’t yet confirmed that it’s a feature and not a series, but it’s leaning that way.



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