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Chinese Canadian artist SSUN has just released a new song “Dear Lover”. This track is part of her first EP called Eclipse which is composed of three tracks, “Dear Lover”, “Motive” and “Let Go”.


SSUN is a young pop and R&B artist living in Toronto, having been born and raised in Shanghai. The artist has been immersed in music since she was a child, with a father who was a piano teacher and a mother who was a singer.


SSUN began her musical journey at the age of three and was first trained in Classical music, but now, SSUN’s melodies are very varied. She can easily move from moving songs like “Dear Lover” and “Let Go”, where her voice glides effortlessly over bare keys, to more optimistic pop songs like “Motive”.


Her new song “Dear Lover” is about the loss of a loved one and the struggle against the unsaid and the facts. The song and video clip serve as an open letter to those we have lost because of COVID-19.


SSUN comments on her Eclipse EP by saying: “This project was specifically made so anyone can apply their own feelings to the music. Whether you’re on the road or at a party and you’re feeling motivated and carefree or you’re alone and hiding yourself from the world to have a good cry. I wanted to give everyone something for themselves”.


Watch the video for “Dear Lover” below:




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