Saks Fifth Avenue Unveils Spring 2021 Campaign With Tiffany Haddish And Maluma | Fashion News


Black American actress and producer Tiffany Haddish is featured alongside Latin singer and songwriter Maluma on the cover of Saks Fifth Avenue fashion book for the release of its Spring 2021 campaign ‘Here for the Future’. The campaign points out Saks’ view on the future through its merchandising assortment, designer relationships and business strategies.


The collection showcase pieces from a range of avant-garde designers and spotlights such brands as A-COLD-WALL, BruceGlen, Busayo, Christopher John Rogers, Farm Rio, Kimberly Goldson, Reese Cooper, and Tove among others.


The men’s part of the Spring 2021 style book highlights some of the best trends in loungewear and sneakers as the women’s part presents trends which include knitted clothes and statement earrings.


For the campaign, the Girls Trip star appearing in colorful looks from the selected designers, shared some of her red carpet tips, saying, “I like to look down, close my eyes, and say, ‘Lord, let them get the best of me.’ Then, boom. I look up and I give them the business”.


On the other hand, the reggaeton star discussed his El Arte de los Sueños foundation and the process that brought him into the sneakers world.


The Latin Grammy winner told Saks “I wasn’t even that big of a fan of sneakers before 2019,” he said. “I thought that everybody was wearing the same shit, and I don’t like that, so I just try to be a little bit different. But I started getting into sneakers because once I started buying them, I was like, ‘Shit, this is comfy. This is nice, it looks great and I can wear it with any kind of clothing’”.


Maluma seemed to have really enjoyed the experience, he said “Every outfit that we wore for the campaign was great”, and added “I don’t remember the brand, but I loved the yellow outfit I wore. I loved working with Saks. Working with their photographer and everything was so organic. It felt so natural to work with them on this campaign and I enjoyed it a lot”.


Check out some images from the campaign below:




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