Chloë Grace Moretz Dishes On Upcoming ‘Little Mermaid’ Adaptation | Film News

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Chloë Grace Moretz Dishes On Upcoming ‘Little Mermaid’ Adaptation | Film News



Chloë Grace Moretz has dropped some exciting tidbits about the upcoming live adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the actress shared a few updates on the film and while some of it wasn’t surprising, other parts were. First off, she revealed that the film would be “…A modern, revisionist tale is what we’re going after, and making it progressive for women in this day and age”.


Which isn’t shocking – this is Moretz. She is known for constantly speaking words of wisdom and dishing out solid life advice. So of course her Little Mermaid will be an inspirational and empowering figure for young girls and women.


The reporter then went on to ask about Ariel’s scarlet red hair – a look that we’ve all grown to associate with the little mermaid. Moretz revealed that “No! I want red hair. We’re going after the Hans Christian Andersen novel, so I actually have blonde hair”. While it makes sense that they’ve dropped the scarlet locks, it’s still probably a bit of a bummer for some. I am nonetheless still on board for this one – especially since they are going after Andersen’s novel which is a little darker. Let’s just hope that they can avoid all the messiness and controversy that Pan got itself into.



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