Chris Rock Gives His Unique Take On ‘The Oscars’ | Film News


In October 2015, Chris Rock confirmed that he’d officially been invited back to host the 2016 Academy Awards for a second time. Now, in a short video clip uploaded on his Twitter profile, Rock debunks the myth of any glitz and glamour happening on the night. Instead, he highlights all the drunken debauchery that will actually be going on: “Much like New Year’s Eve, it’ll be a night that ends with a lot of drunk, disappointed people swearing they’ll do better next year”.


Rock first hosted the Oscars back in 2005. He used the opportunity to poke fun at actor Jude Law, implying he was a second-rate Tom Cruise, who seemed to have appeared in every movie Rock had seen that year. The 2016 Academy Awards airs on February 28, and the nominations are revealed on January 14.



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