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Christian Bale


Christian Bale‘s challenging and varied career has seen his weight swing like a pendulum, from a skeletal 54 kg in The Machinist to 103 kg in American Hustle. With the dial of his scales looking like a tennis rally, Bale must be relieved to finally have secured a role where no extreme weight loss or gain is required.


It has been reported that after quitting Michael Mann‘s Ferrari biopic due to health concerns, Bale is now due to star in Scott Cooper‘s Western drama Hostiles.


Set in 1892, Hostiles follows the story of a legendary American captain who hates native Americans (surprise, surprise). However, he is ordered to aid a wounded Cheyenne war chief in getting back to his people in Montana.


Along the way, they will encounter a young widow who survived a Comanche attack which killed her family (at least they have her to break the awkward silences), and the trio will have survive more if they hope to get to Montana alive.


This film is a reunion for Bale in two ways: firstly, it is his first collaboration with director Scott Cooper since 2013’s Out of the Furnace; and secondly, it is his first Western since doing 3:10 To Yuma with Russell Crowe in 2007.


Whilst Bale has a good past relationship with Westerns thanks to the latter film, Out of the Furnace was not well received with many of the opinion that the talented cast were wasted. We shall have to wait and see whether Hostiles will showcase a more successful collaboration. There is currently no release date set.



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