Chromatics – Blue Girl | Music Video


Portland band Chromatics are back with a music video for their latest single “Blue Girl“. The track has been unveiled on Spotify under four different versions and it is supposed to anticipate the long-overdue fifth-coming album Dear Tommy.


The story behind Chromatic’s latest project is quite surreal. The album was meant to drop in 2014, but band member and producer Johnny Jewel destroyed all the physical recordings after a near-death experience.
Despite providing some music with their EP Camera, that was only available on vinyl, Chromatics have been flying under the radar, mostly due to several members’ sides projects.


The release of “Blue Girl”, then, is a warming welcome that signals the comeback of one of the most avant-garde bands around. Their distinctive pop-synth and psychedelic sound is fully present in “Blue Girl”, as singer Ruth Radelet‘s vocals moves smoothly upon the slow tempo of the track. As the beat unravels, all the instruments come together harmoniously as Ruth sings about this lost and out of this world “blue girl”. The dreamesque setting together with an 80s vibe provided by Radelet’s exquisite attire perfectly convey the theme of the song.


Producer and band member Johnny Jewel’s influence is clearly at its best in this electro-dance song that is reminiscent of the duo Electric Youth and their sound, with who Jewell has previously collaborated on the Drive soundtrack.




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