‘Ocean’s 8’ Tops The Box Office | Film News


The Sandra Bullock-lead movie, featuring a star studded cast, has claimed the top spot at this weekend box office. The female version of the Ocean’s trilogy has dethroned Solo: A Star Wars Story, which failed to perform on par with the other Star Wars movies.


The female-packed film has come on top this weekend with a solid $42 million, showing how there is a widespread interest for more women-based projects. Following the arch structure of its predecessors, the Gary Ross directed flick is a remake of the original franchise and it centers around Danny Ocean’s younger sister Debbie, who plans a heist with the help of an unluckily, yet skillful ensemble, to steal a $150 million necklace, the Toussaint.


The latest news confirm Ocean 8 to be among the top 10 openings of 2018 so far and it is also included in the top ten performing movies of 2018 lead by a female cast. Despite the encouraging numbers, there is still a long way to go, as the only female lead successful movies so far, namely the Ghostbusters‘ reboot and the more recent DC revamp of Wonder Women, had to rely heavily on the brand of past franchise.


Hopefully, Ocean’s 8 will continue to spark a well needed conversation, one that follows the recent outcry for a more equal and just film industry. Numbers seldom lie, and Ocean’s 8, with a first position at the box office and a probable sequel on the way, is the last confirmation of a strong female audience who demands more representation on screen.



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