CHVRCHES Cover A 14-Year Old’s Love Song | Music News



In a recording titled “Boys DO Cry”, Mortified invited Scottish band CHVRCHES to cover a then 14-year-old’s love song. The short piece, titled “Laurel”, was written by someone called Nat Miller as a “hopeless romantic” high school student to Laurel, the object of Nat’s obsession. The adolescent awkwardness of it all is translated well with the instruments, and Lauren Mayberry makes the vocals sound good just by singing them.


The content is basic and “Laurel” is repeated quite often, but Nat was only fourteen! Mortified showcases diaries, poems, songs etc. created by adults when they were children, because who doesn’t enjoy looking back on their childhood and cringing in a satisfying sort of way? Listen to the podcast featuring CHVRCHES below (the section in question begins at 23:33).




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