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It was a complete surprise to fans when it was reported that mega successful actor-duo-turned-fashion-moguls Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen would not be reprising their joint role as Michelle Tanner on Full House reboot, Fuller House. Wait a minute… No it wasn’t. The creative team must have realised pretty quickly that they would have to come up with a story for Michelle Tanner’s absence.


According to Usmagazine, in an ode to the twin actresses, Michelle has reportedly grown up to be a fashionista working in NYC. There is undoubtedly an air of grace in this outcome, I believe it echoes the sentiments of Bob Saget in a previous interview, “[he] wasn’t really surprised… [he] love[s] them (and) want[s] them to be happy“. It seems that by honouring the Olsen twins’ career choices in this way through Michelle, they really are saying no hard feelings, you will always be a part of the show. I can respect that.


Fuller House will reuse it’s parent show’s formula of a single parent raising young children with the help of family and friends, but this time it is Candace Cameron Bure’s DJ that is a widow and mother, and Jodie Sweetin (Steph) and Andrea Barbar (Kimmy) who are on hand to help. Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, John Stamos, and Lori Loughlin will also be back in their signature roles to offer the girls some much-needed parenting advice, I’m sure.


Let’s just hope head writer Jeff Franklin hits that sweet spot between nostalgia and something new like fellow reboot Girl Meets World, and doesn’t replicate the desperate nostalgia-fuelled monstrosity of say, ABC’s TV adaptation of 10 Things I Hate About You. Fuller House will be aired on Netflix in 2016, actual date TBC.



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