Clarity For EU Students And Universities In The UK Post-Brexit | Politics


With many changes soon approaching due to Brexit, there have been uncertainties to how this will affect EU students in universities within England, Scotland and Wales. Education Secretary Damian Hinds has provided some clarity on this matter as he issued a statement saying that EU students who are due to start in autumn 2019 will pay the same amount of tuition fees as English students.


Scotland and Wales have also released similar statements, meaning EU students will be treated the same as home students. Hinds states that this will be active throughout the duration of their degree.


For UK universities, this provides assurance that there will be ‘cliff-edge‘ Brexit soon after March 2019. As a result, universities can sigh a breath of relief as they do not have to worry about a decrease in their students and a decrease in their fees.


Although this provides clarity for EU students and Universities, Brexit has definitely caused a ruffle within the UK, leaving organisations and the general public worried about what is to come post-Brexit.



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