Clive Owen Stars As Brutal Doctor In Period Drama ‘The Knick’ | TV Show

Clive Owen appears in teasers for new period drama ‘The Knicks’


Award-winning actor Clive Owen is to play a New York City surgeon in new drama series set in the 1900s titled The Knick. The TV programme, filmed in ‘Knickerbocker Hospital’ as revealed in the teaser below, covers a time when antibiotics and modern medicine did not exist and the doctors are shown as butchers in their reckless approach to treating people.


Some critics have likened it to a combination of ER and Gangs Of New York with more blood and guts. Actors Jeremy Bobb, Steve Garfanti and Andre Holland will appear alongside Owen in the drama. The Knick will consist of ten episodes and will be directed by Steven Soderbergh. The mini-series will premiere on Cinemax later this Summer.


Watch the teaser exclusive right here on EW.



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