Coldplay – Orphans | Music Video


Coldplay are finally back! Over the past days, the British band had released some evidences about a new upcoming EP, but now we are finally able to appreciate their new music. One day after announcing their upcoming double album Everyday Life and releasing two songs “Arabesque” and “Orphans”, the band has unveiled a new original music video for the latter.


“Orphans” is a pop song with the typical Coldplay style, rock vibes and several guitar solos. The video features a mix of acoustic and studio-recorded sounds, with footage of Martin performing the melody on acoustic guitar outside of Penn Station.


The shapes of the frames of the video constantly change, while we are shown scenes of the recording process of the song, with the band playing in a studio. Other parts of the video are set on a beach, with dancers creating a euphoric choreography, and in a spinning room, where we can enjoy the band performing with a children’s choir.


The new record Everyday Life, a double-album, will follow 2015’s A Head Full of Dreams and is out November 22. Coldplay will make an appearance on Saturday Night Live as the musical guest on November 2. In the meantime, watch the new music video for “Orphans” below:




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