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Global music band Coldplay has teased a new project called Alien Radio in a short 4-second video posted on social media. In the clip, we see the band presenting a series of purple symbols on a static radio signal along with a link to a site called AlienRadio.FM.


On the site in question, there is little additional information. Internet users can still see symbols and a purple globe. Hovering over it with the mouse brings up messages in several languages: advertisements, satellite launches and readings of literary classics such as Alice In Wonderland.


Although it remains quite mysterious and the messages are encrypted, that hasn’t stopped fans from investigating. ColdplayXtra‘s fan account insinuates that the symbols can be deciphered and hints at a new release from the band next month: COLDPLAY HIGHER POWER, MAY 7.


In addition to their website presence, the cryptic language has also been spotted around the globe on billboards in cities such as New York, London, San Tiago and Seoul.


The English band has not yet confirmed this or announced any musical release for May 7. However, according to The Sun, a source close to the band said that Chris Martin and his bandmates had recorded music during the lockdown that will appear on their ninth album.


“Chris and co. have been dropping hints for a while but now it’s finally getting off the ground”, the source said. “They’ve been busy working on new music during lockdown and it’ll all culminate in the record, which has the working title Music Of The Spheres”.


Check out the cryptic video below:




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