Colin Firth Joins Zombie Film ‘New York Will Eat You Alive’ | Film News


Colin Firth might be best known for the Kingsman films and other typically British roles, but he’s out to change that image with his next project.


He’s signed on to star in zombie action comedy New York Will Eat You Alive, which is based on webcomic and anime series Zombie Brother, created by Jia Haibo. Alex Rubens, Dan Gregor, and Doug Mand have written the script.


The Final Girls and Isn’t It Romantic director Todd Strauss-Schulson is helming the adaptation.


Both of those films had extremely meta elements to them, riffing on horror movie and romantic comedy clichés, respectively. So expect New York Will Eat You Alive to have a similar approach to the zombie genre.


STXfilms is co-producing the film, and chairman Adam Fogelson said of Firth’s casting:


“We always wanted to cast this in a way that would give life to the source material and elevate the action and you can’t achieve that goal any better than hiring Colin Firth […] We’re thrilled to be reuniting with him on New York Will Eat You Alive in a role that will allow him to have fun while showcasing his deadpan humour and comic timing”.


The zombie genre has been pretty ubiquitous to pop culture over the last two decades, and it’s easy to wonder what fresh takes are left. Hopefully New York Will Eat You Alive – which is sadly only a tentative title – can find an interesting angle. One would think that having the world live through an actual pandemic would probably give the filmmakers plenty of ideas.



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