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The streets of Denmark’s Capital are currently filled with models, both on and off work. Hurrying between shows, runways and nights out for Copenhagen Fashion Week. Giving the locals a glimpse into their unique sense of street style. From Geek Chic to the Boho Trend. There is no shortage of fashion styles among the City.





Baggy outfits are popular among those awaiting their show. As trousers teamed with loose fitting trench coats and sandals has proven to be a go to for the upcoming models. As many have been spotted sporting the preppy girl trend upon the cobbled streets.





There was an array of fashion styles as some were even seen wearing the pyjama as outerwear trend with a pink floral relaxed silk shirt teamed with relaxed silk trousers. Puffa jackets are also big this year, once again, with khaki still proving to be a go to colour for the item.





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