Coperni Fall/Winter 2024 Collection Brings Sci-Fi Elegance And Airy Innovation To Paris Fashion Week

In the enchanted realm of fashion, Coperni once again transported us to distant dimensions with their Fall/Winter 2024 show at Paris Fashion Week.

The stage, reminiscent of a far-off Aubervillier TV soundstage, housed a mesmerizing spectacle featuring a towering black obelisk, evoking a sense of sci-fi grandeur. The late-night space curated by Coperni unfolded as a cosmic tribute, seamlessly blending influences from Kubrick’s monoliths and Spielberg’s intergalactic soundscapes.

Arnaud Vaillant, the maestro behind the scenes, confirmed that the collection was a homage to the sci-fi genre. The runway unveiled models adorned in ‘flying saucer’ dresses, with Star Wars-inspired soles leaving otherworldly footprints.

Cable knits were artfully sliced, creating a hyperspace blur, while gold-layered silver foil space blankets orbited the central obelisk, shedding ethereal scraps of space junk. The models’ hair, slicked with Xenomorph slime, and articulated fake heels mirrored a celestial manicure.

The terrestrial tones of faux fur coats and bags were punctuated by spurts of green and blue, resembling alien blood. The Matrix-inspired black top and white dress featured poppers echoing futuristic charging inputs. Micro handbags in Ziploc evidence bags and a clipboard binder-inspired clutch added an X-Files touch to the avant-garde collection.

The sci-fi narrative reached its zenith with a surprising collaboration between Coperni and professor Ioannis Michaloudis. Backstage, the professor unveiled a version of Coperni’s iconic Swipe bag crafted from a blend of 99 percent air and 1 percent silicon nano-something—a material seemingly plucked from NASA’s stardust-catching arsenal. Leon Dame, channeling Jude Law in Gattaca, strutted the runway proudly brandishing this extraterrestrial accessory.

Two cameramen, orbiting the models for the live stream, added a touch of realism to this immersive space opera. The grand finale showcased dresses framed in feathered hoops, reminiscent of Star Trek’s transporter aura. The truth, it seemed, was indeed within Coperni’s grasp—they had mastered the technology of high fashion

This minimalist yet futuristic collection marked a departure from convention, featuring sheer outfits, a trench coat reimagined as a bodysuit, and a deconstructed twisted knit sweater.

Model Leon Dame, the show’s standout male model, donned a mouse-gray suit while proudly showcasing the Air Swipe bag—a testament to Coperni’s relentless pursuit of innovation in the ever-evolving world of high fashion.


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