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Writers are known for drawing upon their personal experiences, and while you may think that certain elements are based on personal experiences or things the writer has heard or read about – you don’t believe that it’s all true.


Sex and the City is famous for its rather crazy storylines, so you probably thought, like me, that the majority of it stemmed from the writing teams wild imagination. Cynthia Nixon, who played beloved sardonic and career-minded Miranda Hobbes on the show, says it isn’t so. In an interview with IMDB Asks, she revealed that all those crazy storylines were true. All of them! Now, that’s crazy.


“Even though crazy and outlandish things happen in Sex And The City, fantastical things seemingly, they had a rule in the writer’ room that they couldn’t put anything into an episode that hadn’t literally happened to someone in the writer’s room or someone that they knew first hand. It couldn’t be like ‘My father’s brother’s sister’s shoe-repair guy heard once…’  – so the outlandish, physical and sexual things that happened. They really happened, they’re not just tall tales”.


So, it’s all true? Big? Aidan? Charlotte having two dates in one night? Carrie going to Paris? Samantha Jones? Jack Berger? Hot priest? Politically Erect? Charlotte getting free shoes from a guy with a serious foot fetish? It’s true. All of it. Mind blown.


Nixon, also weighed in on why she thinks the show still attracts younger generations, “It’s really amazingly well written and I think it’s very complicated in a way and so I think it’s one of the reasons it can bare repeated viewing,” she added. “It’s very dense and so much happens in every episode. The way the threads of the four different plotlines with the four different women intertwine is very intricate”.



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