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Daneshevskaya is the art name for Anna Beckerman, a 24 year old artist who has only recently decided to come out with her private musical productions. The Brooklyn-based singer has always spread her music by remaining in the background, singing backup for friends’ bands since she was a teenager.


Moreover, her passion for music has only previously made itself heard during her free time, when she spreads all her possible energy and creation while studying during the day to become a social worker. After showing her music to people, she has decided to take the next step.


At the moment, only one song has emerged from her musical creations, her debut single “Scrooge”. The culminating point of years of private songwriting has finally been achieved and this is just the beginning. In the song, her voice sings gently with a melancholy melody, accompanied by the soft touch of her classical guitar.


When you move like that I don’t recognize you/I don’t even think you notice”, her lyric tells how difficult is to say goodbye to a person. Sometimes the efforts you make to erase and forget that person force you not to recognize him\her at all, but it turns out too often to be a toxic decision, since you lost yourself in the process. Scrooge sings the peaceful acceptance of bad memories.


Listen to the song below:




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