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Known in the field of men’s fashion since his debut in 2015, Daniel Fletcher innovated by releasing his very first collection of women’s clothing on February 23 during London Fashion Week. The designer recently took second place in Netflix‘s Next in Fashion competition in 2020, which only increased the demand for women’s clothing design from Fletcher.


Although he calls this collection “women’s clothing”, it is rather a question of size and cut, as the designer said to British Vogue that his: “beliefs are still the same — a shirt is a shirt and a pair of trousers is a pair of trousers — to be worn by anyone”.


Durability is always at the heart of the Fletcher brand, with the centerpiece of the collection – a checked dress – developed with the scraps of patchwork that littered the factory floor during the design process.


The designer recently posted on TikTok to share his very first lookbook, using transsexual twins Maddie and Margo Whitley to model his pieces.


On her experience, Maddie said: “It’s such an honor to represent a powerful collection. It’s a strong message that trans women are capable of anything, even being the face of Daniel’s debut collection. We’re ecstatic to be the first Daniel W. Fletcher women.”


Fletcher also added about Maddie and Margo modelling his collecton, “I didn’t feel comfortable coming out when I was younger because I didn’t know anyone who was gay, and that really resonated with people in my reality TV journey.


I’m from a small town in northwest England, and Maddie and Margo come from a small town in Texas. Young trans teens come to them all the time and say how they’ve inspired them. They’re beautiful, open, confident, and don’t take themselves too seriously — they really embody the brand’s spirit”.


Check out some pieces of the collection below.










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