Daniel Radcliffe Thanks Harry Potter Fans On Hollywood Walk Of Fame | Interviews


Where’s your hair Potter? Sporting his new look, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has become the latest actor to join the Hollywood Walk of Fame after receiving the honour of a star.  The 26 year old actor rose to fame just aged 11, after being cast as protagonist Harry Potter in the film adaptations based on the legendary books by author J.K Rowling.


The iconic actor, who has recently starred in November 2015’s upcoming movie Victor Frankenstein as character Igor said he felt extremely “lucky” to have received the opportunities he has during his career so far: “If you get to work in this job you are by sheer virtue of statistics one of the luckiest people on earth so none of us who are lucky enough to do this should forget that. I will never stop feeling lucky to be here and be a part of this.”


He also delegated time to thank his loyal Potterhead fans, who helped the film series become the second highest-grossing film series of all time, earning a total of $7.7 billion over the course of eight films. Radcliffe stated: “The Harry Potter fans are unique and amazing and wonderful and still six years on since I finished them I’m constantly being amazed by their passion and their curiosity and the way they are interested in so many other things.” Aw, thanks Dan!




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