POLIÇA – Lime Habit | Music Video



POLIÇA return to the scene with a cracking song and a visually psychedelic music video to partner alongside it. This juicy synth heavy track offers a taster to what is yet to come, on their third LP, United Crushers. The Minneapolis based band claim their new album will surround a theme of love towards their hometown and the rough history it has endured.


When talking about their new song “Lime Habit”, singer Channy Leaneagh states “These lyrics are most diary like of any of the other songs on United Crushers… It’s all observations on my mode of operation and how it affects where I go. I’m speaking to myself mostly; never in the corner is the luck of life . . . so get out of the corner and . . . you see up higher but you’re never in style’“. Click below to hear their new track:




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