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Yesterday we reported that, alongside Paramount’s cancellation of their Friday The 13th remake, the future of World War Z 2 was also up in the air, with Brad Pitt attempting to get his friend, David Fincher, on board for the project. This was called a longshot and met with a bit of a scoff, admittedly. Well, our faces are red, as well as whatever colour faces turn when they’re excited.


THR has reported that Fincher wants to direct World War Z 2, but it’s Paramount that are dragging their heels.


Fincher is reportedly “very creatively interested in directing the movie” thanks to his connection with Pitt, who he has directed three times in the past (Se7en, Fight Club, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button), as well as with writer, Dennis Kelley, who wrote the original British series, Utopia, which Fincher was set to adapt for US TV before the plug was pulled.


The show was axed, along with Fincher’s other proposed series, Video Synchronicity, due to budget concerns, which makes it odd that this time around Paramount has no problem with the budget. Fincher is apparently happy to make the follow up for less than $190 million, which should be music to any studios ears, not to mention the fact that Skydance pictures would co-produce and pick up some of the fees.


Considering the first film made $540 million worldwide, this seems like a no brainer. Yet, Paramount is apparently still not ready to greenlight a sequel.


Fincher is arguably the best living director working today, and while it seems odd he’d pick a sequel to someone else’s original vision when he could practically make any project he wanted, this would be a coup for Paramount that they should be leaping with joy about. If anyone can plunge some life into the dying zombie genre, it is Fincher. The creative possibilities are almost endless.


“He would really like to do it”, according to THR. It would be a huge mistake if Paramount passed on this opportunity.



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